Consulting Services

for pipeline and infrastructure asset owners

Triton offer consulting services to contractors, municipalities, engineers and engineering companies, commercial and industrial facilities and any pipe / infrastructure owner

How We Work

Initial consultation / discovery is free

Once we get past that we charge by the hour, a retainer or on a project by project basis. Depending on what is involved and what the client prefers.

For pipe ‘owners’ we obtain the following:

  • Past and present issues with the infrastructure / pipes
  • The operational parameters of the system
  • Required or preferred end result of rehabilitation
  • Determine feasibility of spray lining
  • If SIP lining is viable option for the system, offer a solution and required lining thickness to provide required end result
  • If spray lining is not the best suited process, advise of an alternative solution

For contractors (Currently utilizing spray lining for rehabilitation):

  • Trouble shooting with pipe cleaning and spray lining problems and issues
  • Technical support for spray lining equipment
  • Technical support for lining application issues and non conformities
  • Client interaction to assist in project procurement