What It Does

Epoxy and polyurea spray pipe lining rehabilitates pressurized water, fire suppression and industrial pipes ranging from 3? and larger in diameter. The lining process rehabilitates pipes by centrifugally spraying a solvent-free, protective lining onto the inner surface of the pipe. The cleaning and pipe lining process removes corrosion and tuberculation. It also restores carrying capacity as well as flow requirements of the pipe.

This tough trenchless process can rehabilitate 530 feet of tuberculated or reistricted pipes at one time, and protects against future corrosion and buildup without the cost and disruption of excavation and replacement.

We have used this proprietary spray lining technology to line more than 500,000 feet of pipe throughout North America over the past 10 years.

Recent research by AWWA Research Foundation concluded that deteriorated old pipes lined utilizing this process and technology can expect an additional 50 year design life.