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Fast-Line PlusTM is an innovative, fast-setting spray-applied resin for the in-situ lining of drinking water mains.

Fast-Line PlusTM has existing National governmental approvals for use in drinking water mains in the UK, France and the USA.
The product can be applied as either a low-build (1mm thick) or a high build (3-5mm thick) lining in a single pass, using conventional
spray lining equipment for fast setting resins, in lengths of up to 650’ (200 metres). Pipe diameters from 3” bore and upwards can be treated with Fast-Line PlusTM. The result is a durable, hard, corrosion resistant barrier layer over the whole of the pipe bore.

Fast-Line PlusTM can be used to resolve water quality and internal corrosion problems in distribution and trunk mains when applied as a low-build lining, and can additionally help eliminate and prevent mains leakage when applied as a high build lining.





  • Lining complete and customer return to service within the working day
  • Low- and high-build lining application with the same resin
  • Ability to span corrosion holes and joint gaps
  • Excellent adhesion and no shrinkage
  • Enhances pipeline carrying capacity and assists in pressure reduction schemes
  • Bisphenol A-free formulation
Approved by NSF International to NSF/ANSI 61 and all applicable requirements

Approved by the Secretary of State under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000 for use in public water supplies.

Approved to the requirements of Ministère de la Santé
Regulations dated 29 May 1997 including modification
Documents DGS/VS4 No99/217 dated 12 April 1999 and DGS/VS4 No 2000/232 dated 27 April 2000


Mechanical Properties

TEST TEST METHOD Fast-Line Plus Unit
Tensile strength        
BS EN ISO 527 40.6 (5,887) MPa (psi)
Tensile strain at break       BS 2782:1005 3.83 %
Tensile modulus           3071 (445,295) MPa (psi)
Flexural strength            BS EN ISO 178 65.9 (9,555) MPa (psi)
Flexural strain       BS EN ISO 178 4.4 %
Flexural Modulus         BS EN ISO 178 2,838 (411,510) MPa (psi)
Adhesion         ASTM D4541 26 (3,770) MPa (psi)




Epoxy resins are supplied as two-part solvent free systems consisting of resin or base material and hardener or activator. When properly mixed they will give a rapid cure, high-build, potable water certified material. The cured material is inert and achieves corrosion protection by providing an impermeable barrier, effectively separating the water from the pipe material, thereby stopping further corrosion.

The finished coating is smooth and hard with excellent water resistance and hydraulic profile.

The lining will not impair the quality of potable water, nor will it affect the pH. The thin, smooth coating enhances flow capacity of previously corroded mains enabling pressure reduction to be readily achieved.

The epoxy resin coatings are applied with the use of in-situ lining rigs equipped with heated materials storage tanks and umbilical hoses and application spray heads.

In the United Kingdom, there has been a complete transition from cement mortar to the exclusive use of epoxy resin/polymeric materials. The main reason for this change was the result of the development of water quality issues associated with cement mortar lining.




Technical Specs


Application Specs

  • Advanced applications systems
  • Latest resin system technology
  • Flow metering / monitoring
  • ±5% controlled mix ratio
  • Heated umbilical hoses
  • Custom designed application equipment
  • Durable and cost effective linings
  • Watermain, gas and industrial process applications
  • Certified to meet ANS/NSF standard 61
  • 100% Solids, Solvent Free Epoxy Resin
  • Typical DFT = 1- 2mm (40 – 80mils)
  • Cure to handle = 20 mins @ 75° F
  • Commercial Hot Certification (180 deg) *
  • Return to Service = 16 hours @ ambient temp.
  • 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1 ratio by volume (2,2.5 or 3 parts base, 1 part activator)
  • Application Surfaces: Cast iron, steel, ductile iron, asbestos cement
  • Diameter range: 3” - 24”
  • Lining thickness: 1 mm /40 mil as per code of practice, up to 2 mm
  • Lining lengths: up to 530 feet
  • Bends: up to a single long radius
  • 45 degrees /3” diameter
  • Lining speeds: 3 to 6 meters/min for 100 mm pipe/19 feet /min for 4” pipe, 1 to 2 meters/min for 600 mm pipe/6.5 feet /min for 24” pipe