Triton Lining Systems, LLC has years of experience with various spray lining rigs in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. We drew on this experience to design a spray lining system that is proven and dependable.

Rigs are built to suit, designed for varying lining lengths and applications. All rig systems provide balanced delivery pressures to create minimal risk of back flow. Stable mix ratios are achieved in 20 seconds.

The Spray Lining Delivery System consists of:

  • Umbilical hoses
  • Winching system
  • Refined pumping valve arrangements
  • Spray head
  • Pipeline data acquisition and control system (PDACS)
    This system objectives are to force weight checking, avoid mix ratio errors, ensure consistent reliability and record all pertinent lining information

Triton2000-28Other equipment utilized for the Triton Lining Systems, LLC process include various cleaning and inspection apparatus such as:

  • CCTV inspection cameras - push and crawler based
  • High pressure jetting tools and nozzles
  • Rack Feed Borer
  • Drag Scrapers
  • Plunging Tools
  • Swabbing and Pigging