The Equipment


Triton supplies the latest technology dual-purpose, self contained lining rigs which consist of:

  • Towable 4 wheel chassis, with hazard lights, indicators, lockable shutters and bottle fixings
  • Two heated component storage reservoirs, with cover mounted mix ratio dispensers, temperature monitors and base nitrogen blanket facility (if required)
  • Two stage pumping system, consisting of primary charging circuit, via pneumatic reciprocating piston transfer pumps and a high pressure pneumatic, positive displacement, piston metering pump discharging a fixed mix ratio to the umbilical, via material flow meters and multi port rotary couplings attached to the winch drum
  • Trace heating circuit, to maintain constant heat circulation to component reservoirs and umbilical from either a LPG fuelled heat exchanger or electrical powered immersion heating unit distributing a water/ethylene glycol solution
  • Monitoring system, a “state of the art” electronic control system which constantly monitors all crucial aspects of lining performance enabling client confidence due to hard copy recording of all crucial information
  • Umbilical hose, consisting of two component hoses, one air line and three heating fluid transportation hoses
  • Ancillary items, consisting of spinner/mixer assemblies, power leads, prover/puller, skids and skid carrier


Engineered & designed for cleaning potable water mains from 3”-8”(75mm-200mm diameter). The unit is designed for one man operation and comes equipped with:

  • Silent pack diesel engine to power the hydraulic system, Inclined track complete with rod guard, rod rack and control station
  • Mounted on a two wheeled chassis complete with braking system Cleaning accessories